Walk On Rooflights

If you require more natural light into your home but you still need pedestrian access, like roof terraces with decking areas then our Walk-On Rooflights make a great solution.

Engineered for flush-fit, flat installation our walk-on rooflights can be used for dramatic effect when set into your internal or external flooring.

With glazing options including clear, tinted or decorative glass you can achieve the desired effect you are looking for. If you are someone that makes the most of all weathers then why not select our Non-Slip Finish that comes in five Standard options including a Satin finish.

By introducing our Walk on Rooflights you will be adding natural light and a stunning feature to your home, making you the “Envy” of all your friends.

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Roof Lanterns

Here at Aspect we can offer you a range of Roof Lanterns to allow the world above to be bought right into your room so take away your ceiling, reach for the stars and allow the sky to be the limit.

Whether you are looking for a “Contemporary” or a “Traditional” look, we at Aspect have the knowledge and experience to guide you in the right direction to make the most of your room to give you maximum natural light.

With slimline thermally broken rafter sections offering a minimal appearance and aesthetically pleasing finish our Roof Lanterns will be something to desire. With the latest design technology and strength of the Aluminium rafters you now have the option of a hidden or rafter tie bar giving you a feeling of openness.

All Aspects Roof Lanterns come with Self-Cleaning Glass as standard. The advantage of a Self-Cleaning Coating that helps daylight and rainwater to break down and wash away the dirt, greatly reducing manual cleaning, makes our standard glazing a great choice.

There is also an option to upgrade to Solar Control with reduced Solar Glare and twice the insulation of standard double-glazed units. Thus, keeping your energy bills lower and your room warmer during cold winter months.

Our stylish Roof Lantern’s come in many sizes, designs and shapes. Choose from Circular, Pyramid, Contemporary, Regular or a Flat Rooflight.

Whichever option you choose you will benefit from Superior Strength and year-round use. So why not contact our sales team to discuss your individual requirements.

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Flat Rooflights

Flat Rooflights make a valuable addition to any room whether it be in a small Gallery Kitchen, dark Hallway or large Dining Space, we can design a solution that will work to your requirements.

Bringing in an abundance of natural light with the minimum of framework you really will be inviting in a new aspect to your living space that will make such a dramatic difference.

You can choose from our standard range of flat flush fitting Rooflight’s hinged or a Pyramid design. Aspect will guide you to create the vision you require.

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