Slide Or Lift-And-Slide

Patio doors are designed to achieve a compromise between easy to open and close (which requires little contact between the moving door leaf and the outer frame) and being good at keeping out the wind and the rain (which requires a good seal between the moving door leaf and the outer frame).

The majority of patio doors are opened by pushing the door leaf to the side. When doors are of moderate size and weight this ‘slide’ mechanism allows the doors to be opened easily enough.

For the bigger doors (it is possible to have door leafs that are up to 3m high and weigh up to 400kg) it is advisable to opt for a lift-and-slide mechanism. Turn the (slightly longer) handle through 180° and the door leaf is lifted by a few millimeters to reduce the friction between door and frame. This makes it possible to move even the biggest and heaviest doors with relative ease.

Uninterrupted View

If your priority is an uninterrupted view, then a patio sliding door may be a preferred option. The larger door leafs with large panes of glass will present a more panoramic view compared to bi-fold doors. This is due to bi-folding doors being multiple frames.

Open In Or Open Out

The majority of people choose to have bi-fold doors which open out instead if open in. the two main reasons for this is that the doors will not reduce the space within the room they are placed in. The other main reason is that if it has been raining you do not want rain water to drip inside the home.

Clear Space

With bi-fold doors, you can choose to have all of the door leafs gathering to the left or right, another option is to split the stack on each side. You can choose weather the doors open in or out. When making these decisions, it is worth remembering the door will require space around them in order to open, you do not want to be moving household objects every time you wish to open the doors.

Traffic Door

There are numerous bi-fold door designs to choose from. The number of door leafs will be decided by the size of the opening, it is worth considering benefits of choosing a design with a traffic door. A traffic door operates like a normal back door which can be unlocked without requiring the rest to be unlocked. This is convenient when you want to access the garden quickly.

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